Goal Widget



The Objective widget is one of the most important widgets as a streamer, it allows you to involve your community in reaching a goal like a counter of likes, subs or TikTok roses sent.

What is an objective widget ?

A objective widget will allow you to set goals and reach milestones with your TikTok community.

Exemple :

Imagine that you are a streamer in the field of travel and that at each new destination that you travel you make lives to show the landscape/decor in which you are. You can always for example put a goal of gift tiktok received and at 1000 gift tiktok received you pay the destination of choice of a viewer TikTok. Then you just have to draw a list containing all the viewers who followed you during the live.

How to use an Objective widget ?

Step 3

Select "widget Objective" from the list of available widgets.

Step 4

Customize your chat widget with the tools we offer:
  • Background color/import image of the loading bar brackground.
  • Background color/import image of the loading bar.
  • Change the text color.
If you wish to access the other steps we advise you to read the article on widgets (See widget article)