Chat Widget



The tiktok chat is one of the best ways to communicate with your community during live shows. It allows you to chat directly with your viewers to increase interaction. Unfortunately, the tiktok chat is quickly saturated and as a streamer you can't read all the content of your chat which lowers your engagement rate with your community. That's why we offer you the chat widget. Let's see what is a chat widget.

What is a chat widget ?

A Chat widget allows the streamer to display a chat on his stream which has a delay between each message to allow him to respond and interact with his entire TikTok community in real-time. Chat widgets are usually seen as a prompt in the lower right corner of the site.

How to use a chat widget ?

Step 3

Select "Chat widget" from the list of available widgets.

Step 4

Customize your chat widget with the tools we offer :
  • Background color/import of chat brackground image.
  • Setting of time between messages..
  • Display or not the profile images of the community.
  • Change text color.
If you wish to access the other steps we advise you to read the article on widgets (See widget article)