Alert Widget



The purpose of TikTok Live is to allow creators to inspire, entertain and connect with engaged communities in real time. The connection between the creator and their community is something that is of paramount importance, that’s why the widget alerts are something of great interest to streamers. These widgets will strengthen the connection between the streamer and his community. let's see what is an alert widget.

What is an alert widget ?

An alert widget allows you to be informed through animated clips that appear in your stream when a user interacts with you such as when a viewer subscribes, likes or sends you a gift. Alerts are an opportunity for your audience to interact with you. Take this chance to interact with your community and personally thank them for their support at any time.

How to use an alert widget ?

Step 3

Select "Alert widget" from the list of available widgets.

Step 4

Customize your Alert widget with the tools we offer :
  • Text color change.
  • Custom alert image.
  • Display or not the community profile images.
  • Duration of the alert.
If you wish to access the other steps we advise you to read the article on widgets (See widget article)